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Pranayama is the art of breathing with the soul.

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 You have probably heard or read about breathing as an involuntary reflex, performed by the body, whose function is to oxygenate your organs through the lungs. This is true, in the immediate, because breathing is the source of life for living beings and, therefore, man, in the development of life and soul, must direct the greatest effort to capture the life energy that nourishes the soul. Likewise, yoga establishes that Pranayama is the relationship between life and activating action, where Prana is interpreted as energy with the breath, while ayama should be understood as regulation, control or mastery, a product of the exercise of mind and body, whose orientation focuses on peace for the soul and nourishment of the vital force. Therefore, we can conclude that, Pranayama techniques help you to activate and control the life force, as part of the art that teaches the set of techniques to control the breath and energy, exercising you for life in harmony.



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